Encouraging Sustainable Development:

A guide I researched, wrote and designed, that would inform municipal officials on strategies that can be used to promote more sustainable, carbon efficient buildings.

cover of booklet.jpg

Graphic for the Sunrise Movement

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A lyric booklet design for Nicholas Jaar’s album “Space is only Noise”

Jaar’s music uses samples and lyrics in many languages as textural elements, blending and layering them into mesmerizing songs. So how do you design a lyric booklet where many of the lyrics are unintelligible? My design takes inspiration from the layering and sampling in Jaar’s music to create something beautiful that echos the feel of the album.


A short animation explaining the changes to Ontario Rent Control, and the detrimental effect it will have on housing affordability.


UnafFORDable: A data visualization installation on the rising cost of tuition.

This was a joint project done with Zaiah Briscoe. The installation uses a popular staircase within my university to illustrate how drastically the cost of tuition has risen since the 80s. It also calls out the hypocrisy of Doug Ford, the Ontario premier who has announced drastic cuts to student grants and loans, by comparing how little he paid in tuition compared to students today.

edited stairwell tuition-4948.jpg
edited stairwell tuition-4958.jpg
edited stairwell tuition-4960.jpg
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Clips of a motion graphics project that combines pencil drawings with the capabilities of after effects and photoshop to create a creepy, handmade feel.


An exploration of typographic forms through photography of household objects, and ice.


Poster and Ticket Design for a gala I organized for my student housing co-operative.

poster for gala.png
gala ticket mock up.png

At 8:30 am on the first day of class, a typography prof informed us we would be designing our own tombstones. What a way to start the day. Since I want to be cremated, not buried, I designed pouches for my ashes to be mixed with flower seeds, for my love ones to spread.


Luna Skincare

Brand and Packaging Design

skincare .jpg

Adult Colouring Sheet Illustrations, done for the Canadian museum of Nature to be used at special events.


A short logo resolve I designed, with the name of my thesis.

The project is about affordable housing, so I used construction and furnishing imagery.


Space Mapping Project

This project it an abstract map of my walk to OCAD from home. The route is a very beautiful one, especially at night with all the neon lights, but it’s also a very dirty space, with a (revolting) number of cigarette butts. To capture this, I photographed neon signage, but also collected and counted cigarette butts at 20 pace intervals. The butts are laid out in the shape of my route. The number of butts in the sidewalk quadrant it was collected from is written on it.


Clips from a Stop Animation/Typography project.


Sculpture for Disney’s True Original Exhibition

As part of Disney’s celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday, Charlotte Durnford-Dionne and I worked on this “yarn bombed” statue. The project was done entirely using repurposed sweaters. After many long days of work, the final piece was displayed at a panel discussion on Canadian Design