Videography Work:


Ontario Rent Control Changes Explainer

A short animation explaining the changes to Ontario Rent Control, and the detrimental effect it will have on housing affordability. The video is in square format for better viewing on instagram and facebook, especially with smartphone use.


Regent Park: a short documentary.

For my thesis project, I’m focusing on affordable housing stories and policy in Toronto. Regent Park is a large public housing development in toronto, and it’s construction, failure and subsequent reconstruction is an excellent case study with which to examine the legacy of public housing in North America.


UnafFORDable: A data visualization installation on the rising cost of tuition.

This was a joint project done with Zaiah Briscoe. The installation illustrates how drastically the cost of tuition has risen since the 80s. It also calls out the hypocrisy of Doug Ford, the Ontario premier who has announced drastic cuts to student grants and loans, by comparing how little he paid in tuition compared to students today.


Youth For Youth Gambling Harm Reduction Video.

This video was produced as a submission for a YMCA education video contest. The goal was to create a 1 minute video to raise awareness that forms of online gaming like freemium models and loot boxes can be a form of gambling. The goal of the video is to be value neutral, but provide information on harm reduction tips.


The ABC’s of Jazz, a motion graphics project.

This project was made using Photoshop and After Effects, and explores the blending of photographs, moving type and shapes, and music. The typography and visual style pays homage to a variety of famous jazz album covers.


Small Home:

A short film about my backpack and being alone, inspired by my time working as a tour guide in the maritimes. The film explores layered soundscapes and footage.


A Summer in the Rockies

Footage taken while working in and exploring the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies.


Interview with Jacqueline Flaggiello, the creator of Jolie Laide

Note, the sound quality of this video leaves a little to be desired, and I’ve since improved my equipment, but I’ve included this because I think the visuals are strong.


Sugar Beach

A promotional video for Jolie Laide camera straps and bags.