Hailey Asquin
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My name is Hailey Asquin and I’m designer, videographer, and photographer. I graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design, and I’m currently doing a video fellowship with the Sunrise Movement.


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I have experience in graphic design and typography, as well as illustration and motion graphics. My work is loud, and playful, and I like to experiment with mixing both analog and digital techniques. I’m also interested in how graphic design can be used to explain public policy issues and further social and environmental issues.




 Branching out from my love of photography, I’ve experimented with videography. I’m largely self taught, but I really enjoy this medium and am excited to see where I can take it in the future.


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On working as on the road as a cycle tourism guide in the maritimes, my views on political art and design, and gripes about artbros.