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Milky Way Skincare

Packaging and Branding


Project Brief:


To create a brand new package design system for the new brand “Milky Way Skincare”. The design must have 3 SKUs, for the “Sola”, “Stella” and “Luna” products. 


The design will have a label for a glass dropper bottle which is 4 inches high and has a diameter of 1 inch, as well as a box to house this bottle on the shelf. The design for the bottle should be clean and minimalist. Ingredients and directions can be displayed on the box. 



The design should be bright, colourful, and eye-catching. It should appeal to the target demographic of women 18-25. Pastel colours and illustrations should be used. Milky Way Cosmetics features an astronomy theme, so imagery or illustrations should be used to communicate this theme. Products price will be in the $25 range. Paper choice should be considered to ensure the product looks high quality. 

Creative Mandatories: 

The three SKUs must look visually consistent, but differentiate themselves with colour usage. The SKU variety name should be the focal point, but “Milky Way Cosmetics” should also be included. 


Inspiration Images:


Development of bottle illustration:

luna packaging  for web .png

Outer Package Design:


Bottle Label:


Illustration for Packaging:



Final Design: